River City Ballet
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About River City Ballet
The River City Ballet (RCB), formerly the River City Dance Theatre, is a non-profit performing arts company focused on bringing the world of dance to the youth and community of San Marcos, Texas and surrounding area. 

River City Ballet's mission is three-fold:
1. RCB seeks to build community awareness for the arts;
2. provide an atmosphere for those children interested in the world of dance or pursuing a professional dance career; and       
3. provide performance opportunities for the community. 

Founded in August 2000, RCB has built a program of unique training and performance opportunities for young dancers and strives to provide high-quality performances and outreach events to the community in which it serves. 

Young dancers are provided the support and tools needed to not only succeed in the dance world, but foster a sense of confidence in themselves and develop a strong work ethic. As they develop their talents, company members are engaged in building art awareness in the community. RCB provides its company members a high-quality technical program of regularly scheduled company classes and master classes conducted by professional instructors, choreographers, and dance artists. This program not only provides the opportunity for young dancers to strengthen their talents, but also rare exposure to the professional dance world. In addition, RCB prepares its members to audition and study with nationally recognized dance workshops during the off-season. 

Through high-quality performance productions, RCB provides dancers the experience of preparing for and performing a full production while bringing arts experiences at a low cost to a population with limited access to the arts. Through its outreach program brought to local schools, nursing homes, and community events, RCB strives to build a greater community awareness in the arts. 

RCBs programs and performances are supported through dancer membership fees and contributions from the local community and arts foundations. We greatly appreciate their support as we strive to bring the world of dance to youth and ensure the legacy of dance.